Simorgh Forex Trading Expert

Simorgh Trading Bot is a fully automatic bot which allows you to partake profitably in the Forex trading market without having any analytical training or trading experience.

?what is a Trading Bot

Inexperienced traders have always been seeking trading bots that can effectively be used without much effort from the trader. This notion has attracted the attention of all traders of the information age (computer age). It is now up to these bots, which are programmed to be experts in this field, to aid traders in their stressful decisions.
As you know “expert” means being a professional at doing a particular activity or having the specific knowledge and skill(s) towards a certain thing. In trading and investing, when we program our trading strategy in the environment of the MetaTrader trading platform, and allow the computer to do the buying or selling on our behalf, we use the term expert.



There are some points that you should pay attention to before using the Bot

The account that you want to run the demo or pro version of this bot on, must have the following specifications

If the account is based on Cents, it must have an initial balance of at least 100 000 Cents
If the account is based on Dollars, it must have an initial balance of at least 10 000 Dollars
The leverage of the accounts must be 1:500

Simorgh bot adjusts the risk and the efficiency based on your specifications and preferences. Therefore, be sure to use the demo version before running the Pro version on your account, and remember to choose the
appropriate settings based on your personal risk preference
We recommend watching the introductory video to see how you can work with the bot before engaging with the bot yourself
For back test, make sure that the quality of the candles that are tested is high
(To test the bot, preferably use live test instead of back test)


The bot’s type
Fully automatic resultant based type
The bot’s price
50%discount until the beginning of the 2022
For a life time
Forex currencies
Having the chance of cooperation in sales
Being supportive
Number of authorized
Only one license per account
Test video

Free Demo Version

To receive the pro or demo version please fill out the form below

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